Pre/Post Surgery

Pioneering Pre & Post Surgery Care with INDIBA®

Sophia Beauty Lab harnesses the transformative might of INDIBA® technology, offering plastic and reconstructive surgery patients an innovative avenue to hastened recovery and rejuvenation. At the heart of this change is our patented Proionic® System, which employs a unique 448 kHz frequency to foster tissue repair, expedite post-surgical recovery, and diminish pain and inflammation.
Beyond its efficacy, INDIBA® is prized for its safety. It’s non-invasive, devoid of side effects, and integrates seamlessly either as a primary treatment or in conjunction with other surgical methodologies. The benefits are manifold:

  • Pre-Surgery: INDIBA® readies tissues, paving the way for smoother surgical experiences by curbing bleeding and reducing the likelihood of post-surgical hematomas and edemas.
  • Post-Surgery: It emerges as a reliable tool to ease inflammation, mitigate postoperative discomfort, and combat fibrosis.


Trust in the power of INDIBA® to elevate your surgical journey, championing faster healing and ensuring optimal outcomes. Dive deeper into the promise of INDIBA® with Sophia Beauty Lab. Contact us to discuss how we can redefine your pre and post-surgical experience.
your hair revitalisation journey.

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2 sessions

Image: Dr. Marfie-Anne Danielle – Switzerland
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Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

8 sessions

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Breast Encapsulation

1 Session


2 Sessions

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