At Sophia Beauty Lab, we are committed to expanding our reach and providing exceptional beauty services to more clients.

We are now inviting businesses to join us as a Business Partner or Store Partner and be a part of our growing network of successful beauty clinics.

As a Business Partner or Store Partner, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in the beauty industry, as well as our proven business model and comprehensive training programs. We provide ongoing support and mentorship to ensure your success as a partner or franchisee of Sophia Beauty Lab.

With our established brand and reputation for excellence, you can be confident in the success of your business. We offer a comprehensive range of beauty services and advanced technologies, allowing you to provide your clients with the latest and most effective treatments.

Join us at Sophia Beauty Lab and be a part of a successful and thriving network of beauty clinics. Contact us today to learn more about our Business Partner or Store Partner opportunities and take the first step towards a rewarding and successful career in the beauty industry.

Business Partner

Sophia Beauty Lab provides you with one-stop franchise services:

Brand Services: standardized output of the store image VI recognition system, including decoration style, cultural soft decoration, promotional materials, etc.

Location Selection: The headquarters signs agreements and selects better locations for commercial premises, and authorizes franchisees to use them.

Project Selection: Choose practical, cost-effective, and high-return management projects for franchisees. The required equipment is purchased or leased through agreements signed by the headquarters and authorized for use by franchisees.

Tool Output: Standardized output of the “Sophia Store Management System Software” and software use and operation training to facilitate information management.

Professional Training: Provide a set of training courses for franchisees on store management, employee management, equipment use, professional skills, brand management, marketing management, and other topics, to create a high-quality talent team.

Recruitment Support: Share cooperation with franchisees in recruiting from top institutions and social channels, and provide high-quality talent channels.

Marketing Linkage: Provide brand linkage marketing support to franchisees to attract customers.

Store Partner

Sophia Beauty Lab provides:

Identity and rewards: 

① Own shares of Sophia Beauty Lab’s self-operated stores and participate in annual dividends. 

② Enjoy shareholder-exclusive discounts on all projects in self-operated stores. 

③ Shareholders and their immediate family members can participate in the “Family Day event” (once a year) held by the company.

Channels and experience:

Provide a stable and sustainable investment channel for accumulating practical experience and capital for independent operation in the future.

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