Our Story

Meet Sophia…

Sophia is a person, but also a group of people.

Sophia is the name of the founder of Sophia Beauty Lab, which symbolises creating a beautiful life with love and wisdom. Sophia is also a group of medical aesthetics practitioners who share the same entrepreneurial philosophy as Sophia and work together at Sophia Beauty Lab.

Why does Sophia have such great appeal?

It all started with Sophia’s original entrepreneurial vision…

In 2014, the Australian medical aesthetics industry began to rise and quickly entered the fast lane of development.

However, the huge operating space for interests slowly eroded the original innocent heart of the medical aesthetics industry, and various forms of deception began to appear. The direct consequence was the public’s disappointment and condemnation of the medical aesthetics industry.

Therefore, a “self-rescue action” in the medical aesthetics industry was initiated by a group of medical aesthetics practitioners who were full of mission, and Ms. Sophia was undoubtedly the leader of this team. She believed that “the medical aesthetics industry can definitely be more professional, more standardised, and more able to embody beauty and love.” She chose to start her own entrepreneurial journey with such a mission and was willing to dedicate her life to it.

Our Growth



Sophia Beauty Lab's first store officially opened at Carlingford Count Shopping Centre in Sydney.


The store serviced 50 customers in a single month, providing exclusive facial skincare services to an average of 3-5 customers per day. Through word-of-mouth referrals, the number of customers increased daily.


The second store opened in Chatswood, Sydney, and the company began operating in two locations.


The company welcomed its "farthest" customers since its establishment, who came from Shanghai, China, crossing the Pacific Ocean in groups to receive ultrasound knife treatments.



The company accumulated 500 VIP customers, established stable and long-term service relationships, and achieved a 0-complaint service satis-faction rate.


The company's revenue exceeded AUD 1 million, and it continued to make steady profits and develop.

During the three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, like many ffline physical stores, Sophia Beauty Lab also faced severe challenges, but it never stopped moving forward. Internally, the company summarized the past, developed a development strategy, streamlined its business model, researched and developed management systems, and upgraded its training system to prepare for brand expansion after the pandemic. Externally, the company felt the most sincere care from its customers. On the first day of the lifting of restrictions, appointments were immediately full, and customers did not hesitate to purchase beauty skincare packages in advance despite the pandemic. The store's weekly performance reached AUD 50,000-80,000. Although there were not many beauticians working at that time, the store always maintained a full appointment status. This trust encouraged Sophia Beauty Lab to move forward all the way.


Sophia Beauty Lab officially launched its expansion plan, and the third store opened in Toowoomba, Queensland, and officially opened for business.


The fourth store (flagship store) grandly opened in Eipping, Sydney, and Sophia Beauty Lab continues to promote advanced concepts and successful models throughout Australia.

Our Value


As the core value of medical beauty companies, safety is very important. This includes adherence to the highest safety standards in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.


Medical beauty enterprises should be committed to providing high-quality service and outstanding technology. They should constantly explore new methods and technologies to meet the needs of customers.


Professionalism should be upheld by the highest professional standards in the medical industry. This includes providing professional medical services and facilities, as well as demonstrating a professional attitude when interacting with clients.


Medical and beauty companies should be honest and transparent with their clients. This includes informing customers of possible risks and outcomes and providing honest advice.


Medical and aesthetic enterprises should constantly explore new technologies and methods. They should pay attention to the latest trends and technologies in the industry and use them to continuously improve their services.


Healthcare organizations should provide accessibility to their customers. This includes providing convenient locations, opening hours and affordable prices.

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