Our Team

Sophia Chen

Founder and Head of Corporate Technology

Master of IT Finance at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 

Specialist in laser beauty treatments in Australia 

Nearly a decade of experience in the Australian beauty industry, with approximately 20,000 hours of practical laser skills and clinical practice. Possesses rich experience in skin health management and successful cases in clinical treatment of problematic skin.

Specialises: Treatment for various problematic skin issues, such as skin aging, pigmentation, scars, acne, and sensitive skin.

Mandy Hong

Store Operations Manager & Human Resources Management

Since starting work in 1995, Mandy has been deeply involved in the fields of corporate finance management, human resources management, and marketing team management. In 2018, Mandy joined Sophia Beauty Lab.

Specialises: Financial management, team management, store operations management, and beautician training management.

Sydney Team

Lili Chen

Senior Laser Technician
Beauty Consultant

Entered the medical aesthetics industry in 2018, and with a strong interest and exceptional talent, quickly grew and joined Sophia Beauty Lab in 2019.

Specialises: Customised medical beauty treatments, selecting and operating light and electricity projects based on different skin types and needs.

Vicky Yin

Senior Laser Technician
Senior Beauty Therapist

Registered nurse with 14 years of work experience and 9 years of experience as a skin management therapist in Australia. Joined Sophia Beauty Lab in 2022.

Specialises: Skin layering anti-aging, skin booster, PRP serum treatment, intravenous injection whitening projects, advanced skin management.

Helen Shan

Senior Beauty Therapist

Helen Shan has strong skills and experience in both beauty skincare and management. In beauty skincare, she is adept at providing personalized skincare advice and treatments, including various skincare projects and technologies。Joined Sophia Beauty Lab in 2022

Helen Chen

Senior Beauty Therapist

Entered the beauty industry in 1995 as a beauty consultant and therapist, and has been deeply involved in the industry ever since. During her career, she had the opportunity to study in Japan and was guided by Professor Yukiko Kawano, a famous figure in the Japanese beauty industry. Joined Sophia Beauty Lab in 2020.

Specialises: Japanese meridian facial lifting massage, Power Tree facial sculpting, Power body meridian dredging, thermal lifting facial tightening and facial therapy.

Jane Sun

Senior Beauty Therapist
Elite Program Leader

Entered the laser beauty industry in 2014, proficient in theoretical and operational training of laser and radiofrequency instruments. Gradually expanded to multiple beauty and body fields, such as skincare and body massage, and specialized in facial care and body massage. Joined Sophia Beauty Lab in 2022.

Specialises: Diagnosis and repair of skin problems.

Kaka Wu

Beauty Consultant
Fillmed guide trainer
Senior Beauty Therapist

Professional HIFU operationist. 10 years working experience in beauty industry.

Ling Huang

Senior Beauty Therapist
Eyebrow Embroidery Technician

Entered the beauty industry in 2015, specializing in skin management, semi-permanent makeup, and microblading. With skilled techniques, joined Sophia Beauty Lab in 2022.

Specialises: Eyebrow embroidery management, blackhead cleaning, eyelash makeup.

Ivy Xia

Beauty Consultant
Senior Laser Technician

Rachel Wang

Beauty Consultant

Shirley Guan

Beauty Consultant 

From 2015 to 2020, Shirley Guan operated a traditional Chinese medicine clinic in the Inner West of Sydney, During her time operating her own traditional Chinese medicine clinic in the Inner West of Sydney, she was committed to providing comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine services to her clients, including orthopedic massage, acupuncture therapy, meridian clearing, and more.    Her professional skills and high-level services have earned her the trust and praise of many clients.

In June 2022, she became a beautician at Sophia Beauty Lab. Here, she continues to use her professional knowledge and skills to provide high-quality services to her clients. Her professional field covers many aspects, including facial physiotherapy.    She is proficient in various beauty techniques and can provide personalized beauty treatments based on client’s needs and skin types.

In summary, Shirley Guan is a versatile professional with rich experience and professional knowledge in the fields of Chinese medicine and beauty. She provides high-level services to her clients. Her areas of expertise include orthopedic massage, acupuncture therapy, meridian clearing, and facial physiotherapy.

Tina Cui

Customer Manager

Work Experience: RED Dollar Shop, Store Manager (2016-2021) Successfully managed a team of sales associates and maintained excellent customer satisfaction levels Increased store sales through effective marketing strategies and product displays Managed inventory and ensured accurate record-keeping Trained new employees and provided ongoing coaching and support Sophia Beauty Lab, Receptionist and Client Manager (2021-present) Greet and check in clients, schedule appointments, and answer phone calls Provide excellent customer service and address client needs and concerns Manage client records and ensure accuracy and confidentiality Assist with product sales and inventory management

Skills: Sales and records management

Toowoomba Team

Jolene Jiao

Senior Laser Technician

With nearly 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, has comprehensive skills and expertise, and can provide targeted maintenance and treatment methods for customers. Joined Sophia Beauty Lab in 2018.

Specialises: Facial care, body massage, breast maintenance, ovarian maintenance.

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